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Space Manufacturing with PAR Systems

PAR Systems provides innovative solutions for space manufacturing, from friction stir welding of launch vehicles, to automated spray-on foam insulation, to custom crane systems, ensuring the high-quality production of critical aerospace components.

World-class Leaders in Friction Stir Welding and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

PAR works with aerospace industry leaders to provide expertise and advanced technologies that enable production of critical components such as launch vehicles, cryogenic tanks, and rocket fairings. Our solutions focus on delivering the priorities of the industry: produce lightweight, durable structures, develop high-performing materials, and handle highly critical components with care.

Highlighted Offerings for Launch Vehicle Manufacturing

Friction Stir Welding

Friction stir welding (FSW) of aluminum alloys produces lightweight, extremely durable structures that can readily withstand the stresses of space flight. PAR’s precise, data-driven I-STIR™ FSW System delivers efficient friction stir welding that can be used to weld launch vehicle components, cryogenic tanks, and rocket fairings, with exceptional results.

PAR provides additive manufacturing for aerospace with additive friction stir welding, a technique that produces multilayer components by joining materials layer by layer, resulting in improved ductility, strength, and other material properties.

Friction stir welding cryogenic tank
Robot performing friction plug welding operation to fill hole in aluminum alloy

Friction Plug Welding

Friction plug welding (FPW) is a process that repairs and plugs the small hole created when the pin tool of the friction welder is retracted from the joint. Using either a pull or push method—depending on the accessibility of the hole—a rotating tapered plug is forced into the hole until a preprogrammed distance has been achieved. FPW is often used to plug the holes left from circumferential welds on cryogenic tanks and crew modules during manufacturing.

PAR’s patented I-STIR™ FPW System performs both push plug welding and pull plug welding and includes an easy-to-use graphical user interface to make performing the plug welding efficient, flexible, and relatively simple.

Spray-On Insulation

Insulation of critical aerospace components allows for protection of highly sensitive materials from environmental changes. For use on cryogenic tanks, this helps control the temperature and prevent boil off of cryogenic liquids. Thermal Protection Systems (TPS) have long been in use to provide insulation, but PAR created a first-of-a-kind automated solution to spray complex geometries in much less time. One customer saw a 75% reduction in the time it took to apply the TPS to the outside of massive cryogenic tanks.

NASA Spray On Foam Insulation

Additional Aerospace Capabilities:

The PAR Advantage

Experts in Cryogenic Tank Manufacturing

PAR is the most effective partner in the industry today to assist in the manufacturing of cryogenic tanks. Patented I-STIR™ friction stir welding systems easily traverse the complex geometries of cryogenic tanks and produce incredibly strong structures without added weight of filler material. Our specialty crane systems are easy to operate thanks to anti-sway technology and are supported with a patented safety system, making it much easier to safely hoist critical cryogenic tank components.

Specialty Cranes for Critical Components

PAR has designed and installed custom cranes for space manufacturing applications where high levels of precision and safety are critical. Working with NASA, we built custom gantry and bridge cranes that lifted and repositioned core stage assemblies, payloads, other space vehicle components, and the entire space vehicle itself. Our cranes are supported by easy-to-install EXPERTOPERATOR™ anti-sway technology and our patented single-point failure-proof safety system, X-SAM®.

Innovative Lightweighting Technologies

PAR is a leader in innovative FSW and FPW technology. I-STIR™ technology uses real-time quality monitoring and data collection to ensure a high level of precision and control over complex welding applications. In addition, PAR also designs and builds automated spray systems for thermal protective systems (TPS). They’re specially designed to apply the exacting amount of TPS needed for the application, which helps maximize the payload capacity of a launch vehicle.

Proven Expertise and Deep Industry Knowledge

PAR is proud to support NASA on the Artemis I, II, and III programs to assist in the manufacturing of cryogenic fuel tanks, core stage structures, the Orion crew module, payload canisters, and more. This partnership came as a direct result of the expertise that informs our aerospace manufacturing systems. Innovating for the space industry remains one of our primary focuses since our inception in 1961. For more information about our space manufacturing expertise, read more about our ongoing support to NASA’s critical space missions.


At PAR Systems, expertise, experience, technology, and a custom approach combine to create groundbreaking solutions for space manufacturing. That is why we are the trusted partner for many launch vehicle manufacturing companies.

Our worldwide service organization also offers dedicated support from a team of local field service engineers, and our global consulting team can resolve the most complex engineering challenges.

For more information, speak with one of our experts about your space manufacturing project.

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Brian Jeansonne

Boeing Integrated Product Team leader for Core Stage Thermal Protection

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