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PAR Systems’ experience in handling a wide variety of form factors extends to storage and retrieval of uniquely-shaped and fragile goods. This experience makes us the critical solution provider for all your order fulfillment needs.

Order fulfillment stations work well for brick-and-mortar retail facilities, e-commerce distribution centers, and inventory management in healthcare facilities.

When it comes to efficiency, picking by hand doesn’t stand a chance.

PAR has expertise in designing and building robotic order picking and palletizing fulfillment systems that increases productivity and reduces overall risk, resulting in improved production capacity, reliability, and safety.

Put cutting-edge technology to work for your operation.


Maintaining accuracy throughout.

Our fulfillment processes verify product barcodes at multiple steps to avoid mis-sequences. This level of verification ensures the sequence in each box matches the fulfillment plan.

Throughput & recovery

Fulfillment designed to not miss a step.

PAR’s fulfillment robot cells can work asynchronously to reduce operational bottlenecks. Conveyors are typically used to provide a sufficient buffer and prevent delays in product transit from one station to the next. Our fulfillment systems also recover quickly because cells are designed to operate independently so that if intervention is required, one cell does not affect the productivity of other cells.