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Dip Coaters

PAR Systems’ dip coaters apply hydrophilic coatings onto catheters, guidewires and other medical devices using semi- or fully-automated systems that have the smallest part lengths in the industry.

Our equipment is built to maximize efficiency in production and to work effectively in small spaces without bending devices. Semi- or fully-automated systems increase consistency and quality, equipment’s dual-batch platform increases throughput, and simple design and controls make for safe and easy use.

Our Coaters

DC200 Fully Automated Dip Coating Machines

Our DC200 hydrophilic coating machine is an automated solution designed for the latest low particulate, low-friction lubricious coatings, with multi-coat and multi-solution capabilities. The DC200 uses a dual-batch platform with a load/dip/dry station in parallel with a dry/cure station to maximize production of the coating process.


With simplified loading, unloading, and a configurable and fully-automated process, the DC200 will protect your products.

The DC200 offers:

  • Automated handling and processing, which improves quality and consistency
  • Space-saving design to optimize production area without bending the device
  • Process flexibility via solution containment of multiple different coating solutions
  • Safe and efficient use

Read all DC200 technical features and specifications.

DC200 Accessories Brochure

Key DC200 Product Features

  • Up to 4 precision extract zones via servo driven motion
  • Removable cassettes for easy loading and unloading
  • Individual part rotation
  • UV Filtered Windows
  • Software Automatic and Maintenance Modes
  • Intuitive software controls with visual cues for all key machine states

Looking for a different feature?

Customizable Features for Every Application

The DC200 is equipped with an array of customizable features and can be built and programmed to meet specific needs of one or more applications. Solution containment of multiple coating solutions gives flexibility to the coating processes. The DC200 is also equipped with recipe-driven software that enables customizable process control parameters, and the standard DC200 can be customized to accommodate longer part or coat lengths, larger part diameters, or larger batch sizes.

From Dip Coating to Lubricity Testing

Interested in reliable, accurate lubricity testing in a flexible, easy-to-use system? Our durability and lubricity testers can help you ensure the quality of coatings on a variety of medical devices.

Learn more about PAR lubricity testing systems.

lubricity testing machine from PAR Systems

The PAR Advantage

PAR has over 20 years of experience in the design, installation, and maintenance of complex solutions for the life sciences industry. This extensive experience with these particularly challenging applications makes us the best choice to provide dip coating equipment for your unique needs.

Through our worldwide service organization, we also offer dedicated support from a team of local field service engineers, and our global consulting team can resolve the most complex engineering challenges.

Our expertise shows in each element we craft.

years of combined experience in automation and over 60 years of project execution
of PAR employees are engineers or technical specialists
customer satisfaction on workmanship
"PAR Systems has excellent customer service, solves issues quickly."

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