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Specialty Equipment for the Nuclear Industry

With our deep expertise in complex applications and hazardous environments, PAR Systems are industry leaders in designing and manufacturing specialized nuclear material handling equipment.

Next-level precision & expertise.

Operating in a nuclear facility requires an understanding of how to protect personnel and how systems will respond to the radioactive environment. Because many of these environments are highly-regulated, deep expertise is needed to ensure policies are adhered to. PAR Systems offers comprehensive expertise designing and manufacturing critical systems needed to succeed in the nuclear industry.


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Our Nuclear Solutions

Radiation Hardened Manipulator Systems

Creating custom systems designed for your nuclear needs.


We have engineered hundreds of radiation tolerant manipulator systems for a wide variety of complex nuclear operations. Our versatile systems help you do more, safely in hazardous environments, and they’re built for long-term durability.


Our telerobotic and joint controlled manipulators have a variety of deployment methods including bridge mounted telescoping masts, TensileTruss, mobile, wall mounted, stationary, and temporary support structures.


Learn more about our manipulator systems.

Critical Material Handling Equipment

Designing solutions specifically for nuclear decommissioning.


PAR equipment is involved in multiple steps of the radioactive waste vitrification processes around the world. Decommissioning activities include size reduction, material handling, waste sorting, segregation and packaging, assay, inspection, and examination. Our equipment helps provide worker protection while efficiently completing these complex projects.


From Chernobyl to Fukushima, PAR has provided critical material handling equipment for decommissioning projects. High-capacity cranes, remote operated tooling, inspection and demolition equipment are all within PAR’s capabilities and have been demonstrated worldwide.

Specialty Cranes

Designing for decommissioning, hot cells, and other nuclear-related facilities.


New and special cranes are often required for decommissioning and other nuclear related projects. Hot cells require the use of cranes designed for special needs including remote installation and maintenance, high levels of radiation tolerance, recovery features, and supplemental video monitoring to conduct planned operations within the hot cell.


Learn more about in-cell cranes and outage critical cranes.

The PAR Advantage

Providing experience, innovation, and dependability, PAR has:
  • A legacy working in the nuclear industry that dates back to the dawn of the nuclear era.
  • The deep expertise needed to create products that work in high radiation environments.
  • A track record of our equipment remaining in operation for 20-30 years.
  • A excellent history customer loyalty, returning to PAR for new and replacement systems.
  • New thinking and new solutions that drive innovation when solving unique customer problems such as our TensileTruss Technology used at the Fukushima Daiichi and Chernobyl decommissioning sites.