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Advanced Manufacturing

Automated Joining

PAR Systems can automate the joining of a wide variety of materials from very small to very large, metallic to non-metallic and complex surfaces. We are experts at substrate materials, both metals and non-metals, and challenging materials such as silicones.

We have the knowledge and capabilities to help you. We have expertise with all the major joining methods and have proven our technologies of a multitude of applications and materials.

We’re experts at automating joining technologies.

The PAR Advantage

Why PAR?

  • PAR has expertise in integrating precise motion and handling of parts with automated joining techniques.
  • We have the ambition to develop processes to join materials with higher precision than ever done before.
  • Our expertise extends across a wide range of joining applications from sagging to welding.

We work with all major joining methods and many materials to deliver the highest quality automated solutions.

PAR can weld a wide variety of materials from thick to thin, metallic to non-metallic and complex surfaces. We are experts at substrate materials, both metals and non-metals, and challenging materials such as silicones. We are familiar with very small product features to very large material features.

Put cutting-edge technology to work for your operation.

Joining complex paths.

Adhesives and glues are one way to join materials together, and your manufacturing process might require it, or our team might recommend it as a joining solution. Our team can automate the gluing or adhesive application process with precision and dispense along completed paths or in fixed locations. Our systems also typically automate the curing process as well to ensure a long-lasting bond.

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Mfg. Engineer
Leading Medical Device company

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Precision force.

Heat seal and bond is another popular joining method in manufacturing. We use precision force and heat to activate adhesive materials to seal materials, packages and parts. Heat staking uses precision heat, force and displacement of control to join components together. Ultrasonic welding and heat staking uses an ultrasonic vibration to join parts and is also a joining solution we offer.

Resistance Welding

Resistance welding joins materials together applying pressure and passing a current through the material for a set length of time. We often utilize resistance welding to join parts with electrical connections.


Brazing is another joining technology we can automate that is often used to join metals. Brazing joins two or more materials together by melting and flowing a filler metal such as an alloy of copper and zinc at an extremely high temperature. (The filler metal needs to have a lower melting point than the adjoining metal for this to be an applicable joining method.) We can automate the material handling, heating, fixturing, and dispensing of flux in the brazing process. PAR has experience automating customer-defined brazing processes and can help define a new process to engineer the most efficient automation solution.

Boat manufacturing


Riveting is another joining method PAR has experience automating, which joins or fastens materials together with rivets or plates of metal. PAR’s multi-robot riveting system processes large assemblies where C frames or other bucking devices are not feasible.

Soldering and Swaging

Swaging is like deforming one part into another in order to join them together. PAR has vast experience swaging tiny-sized parts with high precision and force feedback to deliver a quality output you can rely on. We also automate soldering processes. PAR can integrate precise motion and handling of parts while soldering and we are up for the challenge of solving soldering for very small parts on levels that may not have been done before.